Genre - Power Metal

Location - Raleigh, NC

Members - 

Anthony Micale, Bass & Vocals

Jared Mountz, Guitar & Vocals

Reid Rogers, Guitar & Vocals

Spencer Hughes, Drums & Vocals


With my recent acknowledgement of how power metal is actually awesome, I decided to look into more underground power metal groups. That's how I found Knightmare. These guys remind me of Hawkwind in a way, and that's not a bad thing, but when you delve deeper you get to see what makes this group unique. The music is much more complex than I would have first thought, and the lyrical content is really epic stuff. There's this song, Set in Stone, that I can't stop listening to. It gets into your head, and it stays there, making you bang your head slightly when you're going about your day. It's almost irritating. Almost.

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